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In Numbers 15:37-41, Adonai instructs Moses to speak to the Israelites and tell them to make tassels (tzitzit in Hebrew) on the four corners of their garments to look at and so remember to obey all the Lord's commands. Because they were hanging in full view on the four corners of the garment, these tassels or fringes were a constant reminder to be consecrated to God. The command to wear tzitzit only applies to four-cornered garments, which were common in biblical times but are not common anymore. To fulfill this command, there is now available a four-cornered garment called a talit or prayer shawl, which is worn at various times, especially during prayer.

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  • Tallit Prayer Shawl & Tallit Bag
    Tallit Prayer Shawl & Tallit Bag - Kingdom Enlightenment Ministries
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